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What are your names? *

Please tell us the first and last names of the couple that are getting married and who the main contact is.
What is the best email address to get in touch with you? *

We are an online business and all of our correspondence is sent via email, so we will keep in touch with you through the email addresses that you provide.
When is your wedding/ event date & when would you like to receive your stationery? *

Please provide an actual or estimated date for both. If you're outside the UK, please allow extra time for delivery. 

Traditionally, invitations go out 2-3 months before the wedding.  This gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules and make any necessary travel & accommodation arrangements. If it's a destination wedding, give guests more time and send them out at least three months ahead of time. Save the Dates should go out 6-9 months ahead of the wedding, particularly if a lot of guests will need to make travel arrangements.
Where are you located & how did you find us? *

We are based in the United Kingdom. Please provide your City, County/ State, Postcode/ Zip code. It would also be great to know how you found us, i.e. on Etsy, www.loveandlilah.com or elsewhere.
Which Suite/s are you interested in? *

Let us know the name of the design/s that you are interested in.  For all or our pre-designed collections, wording, font colours and minor layout changes are all included in the cost. Turnaround time is typically have a 3-4 weeks.
Love our work but you're looking for a custom design?

If you are looking for a custom design, we do take custom orders, if the timings work. We typically ask for about 8 weeks for this process and our custom design fee starts from £150 plus printing costs (minimum order 50). Let us know which stationery items you require, your ideas/ theme/ colour scheme/ wedding venue location etc. If you would like to send us some photos of ideas that you have, our email address is flamboyantinvites@gmail.com
Which stationery items would you like to order *

All our invitations include a coordinating design on the back, as standard, unless you select single sided printing. However, if you would like to save paper, or you're watching your budget, we can also print information on the back of the invitation or RSVP card (rather than having a separate details card). Just let us know if you want this option.

Let us know in the 'Other' section if you need anything else, for example Day Stationery, i.e. Table Plans, Menus, Ceremony Programs/ Order of the Day etc.

How many invitation sets do you need? *

Our minimum order quantity for our collections is 20 per item. However, for custom orders, our minimum quantity is 50 per item (Please order in sets of 10 thereafter). Please let us know if you need different quantities of specific items, i.e. Rehearsal Dinner or Bridal Shower invitations (as typically you will need fewer of these than the main invitation).

Remember, you will only need one set per couple or family and not the total headcount (but it's always good to have an extra 10, just in case)!
Are you interested in ordering On-the-Day stationery, such as Menus, Ceremony Programs, Table Numbers, Seating Plan, Welcome Sign etc..

If you would like a quote, please let us know which items you will require & how many Table Numbers, Menus & Ceremony Programs you will need. Please provide an estimate if you're not sure yet.
Please let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with. Thank You!

We will email your quote within 2 business days.
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